Brancaster Staithe Ski Boat Owners Club

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Subscriptions are due by 30th April each year. Any member failing to pay their subscription by 31st May will be liable to an immediate fine of 50% of the subscription and, at the discretion of the committee, may lose their membership. In the event that this happens, they would have to reapply for membership in the normal way. Change of postal or email address will not be an acceptable excuse for non- payment.


Payment of your subscription means that you are fully aware of both the BSSBOC Code of Conduct and the latest General Directions for Brancaster Staithe issued by the National Trust. You agree to abide by these rules at all times as a condition of your continued membership of the BSSBOC. If you become aware of other members not abiding by these rules you will either inform the driver or report the matter to a BSSBOC committee member. In particular, you will not engage (or allow others to use your boat to engage) in any activity for which you are not fully insured.


All boats must be insured against 3rd party claims for any activity, such as the towing of fixed objects (e.g. ski bobs), that they wish to undertake for a minimum of £3 million. Boat owners will prove to the club their insurance cover annually and agree to keep it current at all times that they use Brancaster waters. Those that do not use the GJW water-skier’s policy must provide a copy of their insurance certificate to the secretary annually. Owners (not drivers) are responsible for adhering to any conditions that their insurers may place on the use of their boats such as age or qualification of drivers.

Boat Numbers

Each member will be issued with a set of membership number stickers. These stickers must be displayed amidships on both sides, although in the case of an inflatable hull they may be placed on either side of the outboard engine or high transom. The old numbering system is no longer valid.

New Members

New members require a Proposer and a Seconder who have been a member of the club for at least 12 months to sign their application form. The Proposer and Seconder vouch for the suitability of the applicant particularly their driving experience and take responsibility for their conduct on the water. Anyone with less than 10 years ski boat driving experience must either have a Powerboat Certificate Level 1 qualification (or equivalent) or obtain one within 12 months of becoming a member. They must pay a joining fee equal to the annual subscription. The committee may choose to vary this for members joining at the end of a season.

Launching and Parking

Members are required to ensure that no damage is caused to either the launch area or other vessels when launching and that vehicles and trailers are parked without blocking launch areas and to show consideration to other users of the hard, and to local residents.

On the Water

Members and all of their drivers are expected to know and abide by the Conditions of Launch which are issued by the Commons Committee and the National Trust. They can be read on the sign on the right at the entrance to the harbour or on a leaflet available from the Harbour Master.

If you leave the Club

Members leaving the club or selling their craft must remove their BSSBOC stickers or letters and numbers from their craft, rather than expecting the new owner to do so.

Download a PDF copy of Code

Last updated February 2013