About the Club

Brancaster Staithe Harbour

Our Members enjoy boating at the beautiful and scenic Brancaster Staithe Harbour in Norfolk along the North Sea.

Promoting Safe & Fun Boating!

The Brancaster Staithe Ski Boat Owners Club (BSSBOC) helps promote safe and fun boating in our harbour through our Code of Conduct and other measures. 

Representing Members

The Brancaster Staithe Ski Boat Owners Club (BSSBOC) represents members' interests on the Brancaster Staithe Fairways Committee (the committee overseeing all harbour use).

Powerboats are defined in the General Directions as any small craft with an engine exceeding 25hp, but could apply to any small craft capable of exceeding the 6 knot speed limit. Needless to say, they come in all guises from small tenders to large fishing boats. Whereas most are launched on the day of use, some may remain on moorings from time to time.

Powerboat owners are requested to minimise congestion on the Hard as there is often a short time period available for launching, and to park in a way that does not obstruct other harbour users, preferably by removing their vehicle and trailer from the Hard altogether.

Owners intent on water-skiing or other leisure towing pursuits are encouraged to join the BSSBOC, who can ensure that they are both competent and compliant with harbour regulations.

Club Officers

John Gillett

Position: Chairperson & Treasurer
Location: Holme Next The Sea
Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

John has lived in West Norfolk for all his life, and has water skied and sailed in Brancaster Staithe harbour since the early seventies. As Chairman of the BSSBOC, John will promote the club's interests and safe operation with the other harbour users.

Michael Bucher

Position: Committee Member 
Location: Brancaster Staithe

Michael has been a BSSBOC member almost from beginning and lives in Brancaster Staithe year round. He is involved in the board games industry as well as owning a pub in Wells. Michael enjoys boating in the harbour with the rest of us whenever he can.

Johnny Martin Smith

Position: Committee Member 


David Newling

Position: Committee Member 


Other Committee


Paul Smith